While Chanyeol Got Mobbed At The Airport Another EXO Member Went Completely Unnoticed

Only a few people realized he was there:

Although as sad as it is, when K-Pop idols are spotted at the airport they are often mobbed by crowds of people. What isn’t so common, however, is for an idol to go completely unnoticed!


Many people got quite the shock on March 31 when they suddenly saw EXO‘s Chanyeol coming back from his trip to Japan and upon seeing him, the crowd of people soon overran Chanyeol.


While Chanyeol was mobbed, there was another EXO member who everyone missed! Going completely incognito save for a few fans who kept their distance, D.O. went completely unnoticed by everyone at the airport!


When fans first caught a glimpse of a video showing the entire scene play out with both D.O. and Chanyeol, they expressed a lot of concern for Chanyeol…


But at the same time, they couldn’t help cracking up over D.O.’s unseen exit from the airport either.


Although fans couldn’t help laughing a little over the situation, they sincerely hope that what happened to Chanyeol won’t happen again and that every idol can have an experience like D.O. did.

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