Chanyeol And Lee Seung Gi’s Recent Interaction Is Cracking Everyone Up

Fans can’t stop chuckling over their interaction.

EXO‘s Chanyeol is a true social butterfly who has made friends with pretty much every single person he’s met. Not too long ago, fans found out he’s become close with Lee Seung Gi and now their latest interaction has been cracking fans up.


On March 7, Chanyeol uploaded a picture of some very tasty looking chicken galbi to his Instagram page. Under the photo, fans noticed that Lee Seung Gi had left a message for Chanyeol.

“Chanyeol-ah good things should be shared~~”

— Lee Seung Gi


A few days later, fans found out that Chanyeol had noticed Lee Seung Gi’s post after Lee Seung Gi posted to his own Instagram thanking Chanyeol for a delicious meal shared together.


But it’s Lee Seung Gi’s caption that has drawn a lot of attention to this particular interaction. Under his own post, he thanked his Chanyeol hyung! As many fans know, Lee Seung Gi is the actual hyung in their friendship but he had a very interesting reason to sudden call Chanyeol hyung!

“I mentioned good things must be shared and Chanyeol gave it to me right away. Thank you Chanyeollie hyung! #IfSomeoneBuysMeYummyFoodIllCallThemHyung”

— Lee Seung Gi


Fans have been cracking up over this adorable interaction between the two friends and many can’t get over the fact that Lee Seung Gi called Chanyeol “hyung” simply because he bought him some food!


Now when will we get to see these two cuties interact in real life?