Chanyeol Had Long Hair Before EXO’s Debut And, OMG

In case you forgot or never knew.

EXO-Ls may already know this, but Chanyeol had long hair before he debuted with EXO back in 2011.


He wasn’t sure what stylists would want to do with his hair once he debuted, so he kept growing it out.


It was long for a while after debut, too, so it seems stylists agreed with fans that it suited him.


But over the years he’s had many different hair styles, and now fans are remembering his looks and debating which is best for his face.


A post on Pann Nate titled, “Did you know Chanyeol had long hair before debut?” has stirred up old feelings of Chanyeol circa 2011-2012, and fans are remembering how much like a flower boy he looked.

“His long hair was really my style and he really had an unique aura.” — Original Poster


Some netizens were surprised at Chanyeol’s hair length, since they had mainly seen him with shorter hair styles.

“Wow I didn’t know… looks like he suits long hair too, since he’s got the face ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m envious.” — Anonymous


In the time since debut, Chanyeol has had cherry red curls…


Pink waves…


And ashy brown bangs.


He’s been straight and dark…







And super short and dark – all with completely different bangs and side lengths.


This debate about Chanyeol’s hair certainly isn’t new, since of course netizens debated the change when he first went short – but many netizens forgot his lighter, longer hair!

  • “I freaking like long hair Chanyeol.”
  • “He looks like a cute elf!”
  • “ㅋㅋㅋ I forgot… but it suits him well.”
  • “Ahhh… I remember now. He looks so cute, like an elf.”
  • “Yes! I agree, he’s an elf with long hair!”


But are pointing out that it’s not his hair, but his face, that can pull off each look.

  • “Rather than him suiting any hair color, it’s more his face that suits everything.”
  • “He looks good with short hair too.”
  • “I like him with short hair.”
  • “I love his long hair! He looks like an elf.”
  • “I can’t decide, he looks good with whatever hair.”
  • “Whatever he does, I love it.”
  • “He’s cool no matter what hair he has.”
  • “Being handsome is everything.”


No matter your opinion, there’s no denying Chanyeol has certainly changed a lot since his debut with EXO!

EXO’s reunion with Lay and Luhan in 2017.


And perhaps there is no answer to the question of his “best” hairstyle – only degrees of awesome!