Netizens Are In Love With EXO Chanyeol’s And Actor Mackenyu Arata’s Friendship

They’ve been showing off their friendship lately.

Netizens have been falling in love with the friendship between EXO‘s Chanyeol and Japanese actor Mackenyu Arata since they first found out about it, but now they’ve completely fallen in love after finding out just how close the two of them are.


EXO-Ls first discovered their friendship a few months back when the two started to follow each other on Instagram. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the two would often like each other’s posts.


Then in January during Chanyeol’s personal vacation in Japan, the two met up and posted a few selcas together which melted many hearts.


Now, fans are being blessed with lots of interactions between the two! First, there was the fan who went to Mackenyu’s fanmeeting and said that he wanted to watch Chanyeol’s livestream. Which he did because at one point during Chanyeol’s livestream he greeted Mackenyu!


Then fans found out that not only do the two talk a lot on SNS…


Mackenyu also calls Chanyeol hyung!


Mackenyu also posted about a lunch out with his hyung in a recent blog.


Although fans don’t have many pictures of the two friends together yet, these pieces of information have warmed everyone’s heart and now they can’t wait to see and hear about even more interactions between the two!