EXO Chanyeol Is Getting The Meme King Treatment Thanks To His Photo Escapades In Milan

EXO-Ls couldn’t resist!

EXO‘s Chanyeol just took the world of fashion by storm at the Acqua di Parma Boutique Opening Gala Dinner in Milan. Dressed in a tailored black suit and with his dimples on full display, Chanyeol immediately had everyone’s heart.


But thanks to a few other moments from the event, Chanyeol’s visuals weren’t the only thing that had everyone talking. In fact, there was one moment in particular that fans simply couldn’t help giving the royal meme treatment!


Around the time of the event, Chanyeol was walking along with staff and paused to snap a few photos of them.


Seeing Chanyeol’s photographer moment, however, gave EXO-Ls a brilliant idea…memes! Eris simply had to make a few memes out of the moment!


But that wasn’t the only moment from Chanyeol’s time in Milan that got the meme treatment. In a different set of photos, fans caught sight of this pigeon who was strutting his stuff and once again, simply couldn’t resist!


Memes and all, Chanyeol put a huge smile on everyone’s face and had everyone falling that much farther in love with him at the event.