EXO Chanyeol’s “Memories Of The Alhambra” Costar Just Paid Him A Huge Compliment

He had some very kind things to say about Chanyeol’s acting skills and personality.

Through years of hard work, EXO‘s Chanyeol has definitely proven he’s got major acting chops and has become an actor that has many fans. While fans will always give their favorite actor compliments, Chanyeol recently received some pretty big praise from one of his Memories of the Alhambra costars.



During a recent interview, Park Hoon opened up about his relationship with his fellow Memories of the Alhambra costars. While he had to put in a little bit more effort to spend time with them, it certainly paid off.

“I tried to interact with the other actors since I mostly acted on screen with Hyun Bin. And because my age is right in the middle, I played the role of ‘mood maker’ at times too.”

— Park Hoon


Not only has he kept up a good relationship with Park Shin Hye

“I’m still getting along well with the other actors to this day. Because Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo we took together on SNS, I saw my name go up in the real-time rankings. She’s really a great friend.”

— Park Hoon


He also became fast friends with EXO’s resident social butterfly and even revealed the two share a group chat together!

“Chanyeol is an admirable person and has become a great friend. I met him for the first time in Spain and I thought he was a pure and genuine person. Now, we talk about this and that in our chat room.

— Park Hoon


But he didn’t just talk about his friendship with Chanyeol, he also paid him a huge compliment in regards to his acting skills.

When I first saw Chanyeol I had no idea that he was so good at acting. I can tell he loves acting a lot. In the beginning, I acted as the bad guy and I think I continued to argue about my character until the end of the show. As a result, Chanyeol acted very well. Thanks to Chanyeol, I have even been to one of EXO’s concerts.”

— Park Hoon


Netizens have been loving the praise for their favorite actor and think its further proof that Chanyeol is an actor to watch out for!

Source: Korean Economy