Chanyeol’s Recent Airport Pictures Will Make You Believe In Magic

Magic does exist and his name is Chanyeol.

EXO‘s Chanyeol always delivers some mega visuals but his recent airport pictures are having a serious effect on everyone who views them!


Chanyeol recently headed to Paris Fashion Week as an ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger. He certainly came prepared to represent the fashion brand even at the airport.


Decked out in Tommy Hilfiger pieces, Chanyeol certainly looked like he was ready to walk the runway himself!


In every single photo…


And video taken at the airport, Chanyeol’s looks were a combination of soft and casual and oh so bad for our hearts!


As he passed by, the world slowed down and anyone who saw him had a spell cast upon them.


His visuals could make anyone believe that magic exists… And his name is Chanyeol!


If these are the visuals that Chanyeol presented at the airport, we can only imagine how heart-shakingly handsome he’ll be at the event itself!


Guess we’ll all have to prepare ourselves because this preview was pure magic!