EXO-Ls Are Feeling Attacked After Chanyeol Revealed His Glorious Abs On Camera

Is Chanyeol trying to give us all a heart attack?

EXO‘s Chanyeol is very good at leaving fans feeling breathless. If his musical talents and sweet personality weren’t already killer, Chanyeol’s visuals add a whole other element into the mix and recently those visuals have been making fans feel like they’re under a personal attack!


On the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, EXO-Ls got to see EXO being their cute, charming, and wacky selves during the day. But when nighttime rolled around, well things took an unexpected turn!


When Chanyeol entered his room, he went straight for the camera to see if it was on. Seeing that it was, he explained that he had just taken a late night dip before whipping off the towel around his shoulders…


And blinding everyone with his rock hard abs!


Chanyeol seemed unconcerned with the kind of effect he might have on fans as he continued to show off his muscles while doing some more heart fluttering things.


In the end, Chanyeol decided to stop his onslaught against EXO-Ls by putting his shirt back.


But Chanyeol’s shirtless display pretty much KO-ed everyone. Fans are feeling incredibly attacked by the sudden shirtless scene…


And no one can get over just how ripped Chanyeol is!