Chanyeol Just Revealed His Hidden Skill And The Entire World Is Freaking Out

How did he do that?

EXO‘s Chanyeol has a lot of different and unique talents that have stolen the hearts of fans for years, but netizens have just discovered a new talent and it’s making everyone’s jaw drop.


Fans have already seen EXO display some very interesting skills on their new reality show but during a recent episode, fans caught a glimpse of Chanyeol’s surprising talent.


When D.O. gave Chanyeol the chance to get some of the delicious lobster, Chanyeol was willing to do just about anything. First, he attempted to bribe Chanyeol with his money charm.


But when that ultimately failed, Chanyeol tried to get D.O. to laugh…by chugging an entire bottle of water in record time.


Seriously! He downed a 750 ml bottle of water in 3 seconds flat!


The impressive feat did put a huge smile on D.O.’s face but Chanyeol admitted that he was a little too full of water to really enjoy any lobster afterward!


But Chanyeol’s members weren’t the only ones left feeling incredibly impressed by his skills. Netizens have been astonished by how quickly Chanyeol was able to drink that much water.


Some netizens even admitted that they thought Chanyeol had done some sort of magic trick until they watched it again!


All the talk about his talent has even put it in the spotlight on Weibo where it became a trending topic!


It’s really no surprise that it’s been receiving so much attention because it’s just amazing!