EXO Chanyeol Hilariously Found Himself In One Of Sehun’s Pictures And Couldn’t Resist Leaving A Comment

Chanyeol couldn’t resist:

When it comes to making mischief for Sehun on Instagram, no one is better at it than Chanyeol. There’s no doubt he loves teasing EXO‘s maknae on the platform as evidenced by the ever-growing trolling saga between the two. Every time Chanyeol heads over to Sehun’s page, fans know they’re in for more hilarious content and the latest case was no exception.


Sehun recently uploaded a number of photos including two photos with his hyung…or at least that’s what he thought! Uploading some photos with Chanyeol, Sehun had a bit of fun teasing him right back! In one, he hilariously captioned it with, “As expected, humble“…

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To which Chanyeol only replied with question marks!


In another Sehun simply posted this photo and got a hilarious response back from Chanyeol.


But the third picture, in particular, is cracking everyone up hard because it’s what you don’t see that Chanyeol immediately noticed! While the photo looks like it’s just Sehun leaning back against a car…


Chanyeol quickly realized he was in the picture too and couldn’t help leaving one final hilarious comment for Sehun!


With the latest chapter in the Instagram trolling saga, Sehun and Chanyeol once again proved they’re an amazing duo!