EXO’s Chanyeol Wanted An Aegyo-Filled Song Introduction But Sehun Decided Sexy Was Better

In a way, Chanyeol still got what he wanted too!

With plenty of jaw-dropping performances, fun interactions, and plenty more amazing moments, EXO and EXO-L made many precious memories together during their time together in Yokohama for the EXplOration tour.


And one of those sweet memories is thanks to Sehun and his special sexy (and yet ridiculously cute) song introduction.


During their second day in Yokohama, Chanyeol wanted Sehun to introduce the next song in a cute way. When Sehun heard Chanyeol’s request however, he decided cute was not the way to go!

No, no! I will do it in a sexy way instead.

— Sehun


Sehun was absolutely not having a cute version and noped himself out of a potential aegyo situation, instead opting for a much sexier approach.

Cute is a no-no, but sexy is okay.

— Sehun


With Sehun’s readiness to release the sexy, Chanyeol began teasing everyone’s heart with a counter that led directly to the big moment and Sehun’s sexy jacket removal!


Although Sehun may have been going for the ultimate sexy song introduction, EXO-Ls can’t help agreeing that Chanyeol actually had his request granted too since the sexy jacket removal was still absolutely adorable!


That’s Sehun though! The perfect combination of sexy and cute!