Fans Can’t Stop Gushing Over EXO Chanyeol And SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Friendship

When can we see more of these two?

We may not always get to see interactions between idols from different groups but when we do, they always warm our hearts. And one interaction between EXO‘s Chanyeol and SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi has made fans all over the world fall further in love with this duo’s cute friendship.


Many people know that Chanyeol and Woozi have been friends for quite some time now. The two were first spotted hanging out together during the Idol Star Athletic Championships last year.


And fans hearts were warmed when they got to see how well the two got along.


But that was just the first time fans noticed their strong bond. During 2017 Show Champion, Chanyeol and Woozi had another moment together which further melted hearts.


Of course, that was nothing compared to when Chanyeol uploaded a photo of himself with Woozi in the studio together. Fans were absolutely thrilled to see the two together once more.

Of course, they were also excited about the prospects of a great collaboration which was finally blessed with a few weeks ago!


But because the two lead such busy lives, their interactions seem few and far between. Which might be why netizens have been struck so hard by the duo’s time together at the Busan One Asia Festival, where Chanyeol warmly greeted Woozi when the two met on stage.


The two stars were so happy to see each other that Chanyeol almost walked off stage with the rest of SEVENTEEN. Only his members calling him back stopped him!


This adorable display has been receiving a ton of attention from netizens who are absolutely in love with this friendship and can’t stop gushing about it.


It really is a very sweet friendship between the two and hopefully, we can see more of it in the future!