EXO’s Chanyeol Reveals How He Joined The Special Forces, Proving That He Excels At Everything He Does

You can’t spell Chanyeol without passion.

During EXO Chanyeol‘s “Invitation from Chanyeol” live stream, he shared some of his most memorable moments in the military, including his journey to join the special forces.

Chanyeol didn’t go into the army with a burning desire to do as much as possible before his discharge; before he entered the training camp, Chanyeol was full of fear and worry. He couldn’t even bring himself to walk into the building right away.


When I got to the training center, I couldn’t go inside. I kept going round and round nearby about five times. I really couldn’t go. I went inside as if I was dropped from the sky for a bungee jump.

— Chanyeol

Thankfully, Chanyeol quickly adjusted to military life, making the most of his time there and leaving a trail of impressive achievements in his wake.

Fans were most curious about his journey to becoming part of the special forces.

Initially, Chanyeol had no intent to join the special forces; he was simply observing their training.

However, he noticed that everything the special forces were doing were skills he had already learned while he was in the recruit training battalion.

So I said I would give it a try, and I got placed at the special force level for everything during the physical exam.

— Chanyeol

This feat already seems impressive, but once you know exactly what kind of tests he had to not only pass but excel on, you’ll realize how outstanding Chanyeol is at everything he puts his mind to.

Chanyeol gives 200% of himself in everything he does, leading him to join the special forces within the shortest time possible.


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