Everyone Has Fallen In Love With Chanyeol’s Leading Lady In His “SSFW” MV

And here’s everything we know about her:

April 25 has finally arrived and with it EXO Chanyeol‘s first official solo song, “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (SSFW)”!


Chanyeol’s sweet vocals are melting everyone’s heart and the aesthetics of the video are leaving everyone absolutely breathless. EXO-Ls have quickly fallen in love with the song and have been keeping it trending on Twitter!


Besides the honey vocals, smooth melody, and overall calming beauty of the video, there is one more thing that has caught a lot of people’s attention from the MV and that’s the female lead!


She not only stole the heart of Chanyeol in the video, but she also seems to have stolen everyone else’s heart too! Many EXO-Ls haven’t been able to stop gushing over her jaw-dropping visuals since they first saw her.


So who is this mysterious leading lady? Her name is Hong Suzu.


Hong Suzu is a model and has recently been working with Goodal Cosmetics on their latest campaign.


And she’s no stranger to having a whole lot of fans as her page has over 472,000 followers and counting on Instagram! Her Instagram page is filled with everything from stunning selcas…


To aesthetically pleasing nature pics!


Suzu has also become well known outside of the modeling world and Instagram. It turns out that prior to her starring in “SSFW” Suzu was already well acquainted with the K-Pop World as she’s a very good friend of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo!


With her stunning visuals and ties to the K-Pop world, it’s hard to believe that this is the first time Suzu has starred in a music video but here’s hoping we’ll get to see a lot more of her now!