EXO’s Chanyeol Stuns At Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show, Right Next To Zendaya

Chanyeol took over the whole fashion show!

When EXO‘s Chanyeol goes out the represent the fashion world, he always does it in style and leaves everyone in complete awe. In 2017, Chanyeol stole the spotlight from Gigi Hadid during the Tommy Hilfiger show at London Fashion Week.


In 2018, he was named the “Best Dressed Man” at the Tommy Hilfiger Extravaganza by Vogue!


Now, Chanyeol is stealing hearts with his amazing style and oh so sweet smiles at the 2019 TOMMYNOW event at Fashion Week in Paris.


As popular as ever, Chanyeol certainly drew everyone’s attention with his charms. Fans quickly noticed that Chanyeol was chilling with Hollywood sweetheart Zendaya!


The two were seen taking photos together at the event and also sharing a few very wholesome and adorable interaction.


Zendaya wasn’t the only celeb to get close to Chanyeol. Gigi Hadid, Maggie Jiang, and Lewis Hamilton also took some fabulous photos with the one and only Chanyeol!

Chanyeol posing with actress Maggie Jiang.


Chanyeol’s charming popularity made such an impact at the show, that #UltimateTommyBoyCHANYEOL trended on Twitter!


Since Chanyeol trended, Twitter seems to have been flooded with even more pictures and tweets featuring Chanyeol looking sweet, magnificent, and amazing at the show.


Chanyeol was also featured on Marie Claire Korea and Harper’s Bazaar Korea‘s Instagram pages!


A big congratulations to Chanyeol for yet another memorable fashion show!