EXO’s Chanyeol Has Taken Over Weibo Thanks To A Chinese Actress’ Striking Resemblance To Him

Chanyeol has become a trending topic on the site:

EXO‘s Chanyeol is no stranger to trending on Weibo. He’s consistently topped searches, always trends when new music comes out, and for the month of August, he ranked no. 3 in Weibo’s Popular Influential Overseas Artists category! Now, Chanyeol is trending once again on the website but this time the reason is making everyone do a double-take.


Recently an old photo of Chinese actor Ling Xiao Su and his wife, actress Tang Yifei, has been going viral on the site. The photo shows the happy couple with Tang Yifei showing off her baby bump.


Although there’s nothing particularly strange about the picture and it seems like a very nice picture of a happy family, it has made a reappearance online after some EXO-Ls noticed that Tang Yifei gave off some serious Chanyeol vibes in the photo!


In fact, EXO-Ls were so stunned by how alike they looked in the picture, #LingXiaoSu’sWifeLooksLikeChanyeol started trending on Weibo and quickly became one of the most talked-about topics!


Soon afterward, the doppelganger situation had fans everywhere talking.


And it’s even been getting some pretty hilarious results especially from EXO-Ls who first thought everyone was talking about Chanyeol and Ling Xiao Su looking alike before spying Tang Yifei in the photo.


Now EXO-Ls are crossing their fingers that Chanyeol remembers his old Weibo login so they can get his reaction to the trending news!