EXO’s Chanyeol Is Taking Over Everyone’s Feed With His Smoking-Hot Visuals For W Korea

I was not prepared for this!

EXO‘s Chanyeol is a seriously deadly combination of sweet and playful personality, extreme musical talent, dangerous dance skills, and jaw-dropping visuals. Knowing just how bad and yet so good Chanyeol is for everyone’s heart, W Korea decided to start prepping everyone for their upcoming November issue featuring Chanyeol.


Unfortunately for all our hearts, we definitely needed some preparation for that too! The magazine just posted a clip showcasing some moments from Chanyeol’s photoshoot and from the moment the clip starts with Chanyeol’s smiling face and greeting, fans everywhere were already starting to feel pretty attacked.


But the real attack was yet to come! Moving on from Chanyeol’s greeting, Chanyeol didn’t hold back at all!


He attacked left and right with his smoking-hot visuals!


And pretty soon everyone was feeling the effects as the video quickly spread among the fandom, took over everyone’s feed, and left people everywhere gasping for breath!


If this was just a taste of their November issue with Chanyeol, we’re definitely going to need to prepare our hearts some more! Check out the stunning clip below to experience the full effects of Chanyeol’s charms.