EXO’s Chanyeol Transformed His Most Embarrassing Moment Into A Concept

He wouldn’t let it get the best of him.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, the interviewer asked EXO what was the most embarrassing moment they’d had while on stage recently.


As soon as the question was out there, Chanyeol chuckled and said he had one that was fresh in his mind. Eager to know what it was, Kai asked him to share it.

Chanyeol revealed that it happened at the end of one of the SM Town concerts when all the artists had gathered to sing “Hope” together.

Before going on stage, he didn’t have a pair of pants to wear. Instead, he borrowed a pair from Sehun that was a bit tight on him. With the unfamiliar feeling of wearing someone else’s clothes, he’d forgotten something rather important.

After running all around the stage, Baekhyun approached him, drawing his attention to what he’d missed: “Hey, your zipper is down.” To keep the embarrassment from getting to him, he wanted everyone to focus on him while he zipped it back up. Suho summed it up best when saying, “Like it was meant to be a concept.”

Chanyeol told nothing but the truth. While maintaining a calm expression, he’d pulled up his zipper and went on his way, like nothing at all had been amiss.

With BTS‘s RM doing the same, coming out with an open fly and zipping it up may be the new trend. Watch Chanyeol’s explanation, along with the funny moment here.