Netizens Think EXO’s Chanyeol Needs To Open Up His Own Tteokbokki Restaurant Stat

Fans are obsessed with his mouthwatering dish.

EXO‘s D.O. may be known as the chef of the group, but there’s another member who has created a dish so famous that fans many fans are now begging for him to open his own restaurant.


Back in 2015, Chanyeol surprised fans with his very own personal tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) recipe with fans. At the time the post sparked a lot of interest and fans all over the world were trying the not so secret anymore recipe.


Eventually, the recipe got buried and fans forgot all about it. Except someone recently rediscovered it and decided to make the mouthwatering dish.


They later posted about their delicious experience raving over the particular recipe causing more and more fans to find and try the recipe! In fact, so many people are trying the dish that it even became a top search result!


After trying the dish, fans can’t help exclaim over how good it is and have been asking Chanyeol to start up his own tteokbokki restaurant!

“Wow! Chanyeol’s tteokbokki is delicious.”


“Everyone, please try Chanyeol’s tteokbokki recipe. It’s so crazy delicious.”


Considering that some other idols have opened up their own restaurants in the past and Chanyeol was already connected to one Italian restaurant, who knows, Chanyeol might really decide to open his own restaurant!