EXO’s Chanyeol Had Everyone Laughing When He Wouldn’t Stop Dancing To “UN Village” At A Recent Concert

Chanyeol even danced his way through Baekhyun’s ending ment:

Ever since Baekhyun‘s “UN Village” dropped, Chanyeol has been having a blast dancing along to the song any chance he gets and he’s definitely been taking every opportunity to do so during EXO‘s EXplOration concert.


Chanyeol loves dancing to it so much that he doesn’t even need music to bust a move and during EXO’s most recent stage in Osaka, Japan he simply couldn’t stop dancing to it!


It all started when Baekhyun talked about his performance and how everyone loves the “rolling rolling” part of the song. Hearing that, Chanyeol decided it was time to demonstrate his own love for that part by bursting out into dance. He even got some praise from Baekhyun!

Chanyeol is showing it properly!

— Baekhyun


As soon as Baekhyun had praised Chanyeol for his proper moves, however, Chanyeol decided to up the intensity which in turn had all of his members cracking up hard!


Those moves were just the beginning of Chanyeol’s “UN Village” dance stage though! After demonstrating a wild version of the moves, Chanyeol told everyone that he practices the moves in front of a mirror on the daily.


And with that piece of information out in the open Chanyeol just had to continue dancing along to show off his smooth moves much to everyone’s amusement!


But even when Chanyeol finished dancing during this part of the concert, he wasn’t fully done with the song just yet! At the end of the night, Baekhyun was giving his final ment when a wild Chanyeol appeared and, you guessed it, began dancing to “UN Village”!


All of Chanyeol’s dancing has EXO-Ls everywhere cracking up hard and falling even harder for his extra self!


Just add his intense love for the song and its moves to the infinitely long list of reasons to love him!