This Heart-Fluttering Habit Makes Chanyeol And Xiumin Shippers Go Crazy

XiuYeol fans love it.

Every EXO shipper has a favourite pairing, but this habit may tempt some fans to make “XiuYeol” their new OTP.


Like all the EXO members, Chanyeol and Xiumin have been friends for over six years and their bond has only gotten stronger with time.


Fans love seeing all of their cute…


…and hilarious interactions…


…but this kissing habit really makes hearts flutter!


Over the years, fans have noticed Xiumin’s and Chanyeol’s habit of nearly smooching on stage…


…and behind the scenes.


While there are many adorable near-kisses to choose from, this one is a fan-favourite. When Xiumin sneaks in for this kiss, Chanyeol reacts so dramatically that Xiumin freaks out too!


These XiuYeol near-kisses have happened so many times that fans aren’t surprised anymore…


…but they never get tired of seeing them!


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