Chanyeol Shared The Message Xiumin Sent After EXO’s Concert And It Will Give You All The Feels

My heart was not ready for this!

Although EXO‘s Xiumin is currently serving in the military and isn’t able to perform with them on stage, he still wanted his members to know that his heart was there with them.


When EXO kicked off their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour, the moment was a bit of a bittersweet one with Lay busy with his solo tour and D.O. and Xiumin serving in the military. Despite that, EXO brought some serious heat to the KSPO Dome and made a whole bunch of new precious memories with Eris!


But Chanyeol recently shared something that made their tour kick-off even sweeter. In an Instagram story, Chanyeol posted the incredibly sweet message Xiumin left in their group chat and his message proved that his heart was always there with them!

Did the members end the concert well today? Nobody is hurt, right? How is Baekhyun’s leg?

— Xiumin


Seeing how much Xiumin cares about his members, nobody could stop their heart from melting into a puddle of happy feels!


And after asking about his members and inquiring about Baekhyun’s leg which had been hurt on the first day of the concert, Xiumin once again proved that he’s got the biggest heart around!