Ailee Is Teaming Up With EXO’s Chen For “Love” And Fans Everywhere Are Rejoicing

Ailee and Chen? We already know it’s going to be pure heaven!

Since Ailee announced she’ll be coming back with a brand new album, anticipation for the release has been through the roof. But Ailee recently revealed some further details about the album that has everyone even more excited about it!


Her new album, butterFLY, will be her first album in almost 3 years since she dropped her last EP, A New Empire. And with fans extremely excited for new music to bless their ears, Ailee just revealed the tracklist for her new album which includes a total of ten songs that are guaranteed to showcase her flawless vocals.


But the tracklist also contained a few surprises including a collaboration track called “Heartcrusher” with Undaunted and DJ Koo as well as a collaboration track called “Love” with EXO‘s Chen!


According to Ailee, she received many requests to do a collab with Chen and now it’s happening! Although the track hasn’t been released yet, Ailee and Chen have been receiving a ton of love with fans all around the world rejoicing over what is guaranteed to be a legendary collaboration between legendary singers!


With Ailee and Chen’s collaboration track as well as 9 other songs that are sure to be amazing too, we can hardly wait until July 2 when the album is set to drop!