EXO Chen And Baekhyun Are Youtube Powerhouses With Over 1 Million Subs Each In Record Time

It looks like they’ll be getting their golden buttons!

When EXO‘s Chen and Baekhyun started their respective Youtube channels, EXO-Ls couldn’t have been more excited for even more content from their favorite idols. Now both of these new Youtubers have not only dazzled fans, but they’ve also just accomplished something huge!


Chen and Baekhyun have each officially surpassed 1 million subscribers on their respective channels! With his soulful covers and oh so sweet vocals, Chen’s music channel surpassed 1.07 million subscribers on May 15!


Meanwhile, Baekhyun’s slice of life vlog channel surpassed 1 million subscribers on May 18,  two days after he dropped his first video.


To celebrate the achievement Chen uploaded a special thank you message to everyone…

Hello, this is Chen! The number of subscribers to my channel has surpassed 1M, so I wanted to come and say thank you. After starting Youtube to share my videos with you, many people have cheered for me, showing their interest and love; I am so thankful!! I’ll continue uploading songs that I like and want to cover. Thank you once again, and good evening!

— Chen


And Baekhyun dedicated his second vlog to the achievement!


With Chen’s healing vocals and Baekhyun’s everyday fun, experts are already predicting that they will continue to dazzle fan with their videos while their channels continue to perform very well in the future. Congratulations to both Baekhyun and Chen!

Source: Osen