A Father And Daughter Cover Of EXO Chen’s “Beautiful Goodbye” Is Blowing Everyone Away

Their harmonization is amazing:

Since fans first heard EXO Chen‘s “Beautiful Goodbye” they couldn’t stop listening to it. The melancholy and beautiful song has captured hearts around the world and now, EXO-Ls are falling in love with a very special cover of the song as well.


Not too long ago, EXO-Ls discovered a brand new cover of Chen’s song and it instantly melted hearts. While fans had listened to other covers of the song, this one was special because it was done as a duet between a father and daughter.


The cover was performed by popular Youtuber Nida, who has released many other beautiful covers, and her father.


As soon as fans heard the song cover, they were instantly blown away by the emotional impact the two served as well as their stunning harmonizations.


This special cover of “Beautiful Goodbye” will definitely take you on an emotional ride just like the original. Take a listen to both Chen’s original version of the song and the cover below!