EXO’s Chen Proved He’s Ready To Fight Chanyeol For His Place In CBX

Chen is not going to let Chanyeol steal his place in CBX:

Ever since EXO‘s CBX subunit made their debut in 2016, Chanyeol has been Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin‘s biggest fan! Unfortunately for Chen however, it looks like Chanyeol is no longer content with just being a fan and Chen isn’t about to let him get away with it!


Being paired up with Baekhyun and Xiumin on Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, Chanyeol has been teasing Chen a lot that “ChenBaekXi” could easily be turned into “ChanBaekXi”. From the time he riled Chen up on the streets…


To the time he looked like he was going to lose it on the bus, Chanyeol has been skating on some pretty thin ice.


Now, it looks like Chen isn’t going to stand for it any longer! During a recent episode of their reality show, Chanyeol once again brought up “ChanBaekXi”.

“We are the new CBX!”

— Chanyeol


Shortly after the words left his mouth, Chen gave him a quick smack to prove he’s still the “C” in CBX.

“You’re hitting me?”

— Chanyeol


The playful hit came as a surprise to Chanyeol but it ultimately didn’t do much to stop him on his CBX takeover plans.


Seeing Chen take some action has inspired EXO-L to not only uwu over all that cuteness…


But to take up arms too, by creating some amazing memes of course!


Don’t worry Chen, Chanyeol could never take your spot in CBX!