EXO-Ls Rediscovered A Clip Of Chen Receiving A Rose From Fans And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Chen is cuteness personified!

It’s been a few years since EXO went on their EXO Planet #3: The EXO’rDIUM tour so it might not be all too surprising that some of those precious moments from the concerts got lost online but fans have recently rediscovered one moment from the tour and it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever!


A few days ago, a clip of Chen receiving a bouquet of flowers from an EXO-L during their most recent EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert was making everyone’s heart absolutely melt. The way Chen smiled at the fan, sent them finger hearts and seemed thrilled to receive the flowers was heart-fluttering, to say the least!


Perhaps because of this moment, another video of Chen receiving flowers suddenly made a reappearance and quickly took over!


The clip took EXO-Ls back in time to one EXO’rDIUM concert where Chen was presented a single red rose by a fan.


And his reaction after he received it was pure joy, excitement, and absolutely adorable!


After the cute clip resurfaced, EXO-Ls everywhere were feeling the effects of the sweet moment and melting over Chen’s incredibly happy reaction!


Chen really is the sweetest!