Top Lyricist Kim Eana Revealed EXO Chen’s Lyrics Are So Good His Lyrics Were Once Chosen Over Hers

Chen’s writing skills are amazing!

EXO‘s Chen is a man of many talents. He’s got the voice of an angel, can bring some serious heat with his dance moves, and he has the ability to make anyone and everyone smile when he does just to name a few. Chen is also an amazing lyricist and top lyricist Kim Eana shared just how good his writing skills really are!


Chen and famous lyricist Kim Eana were recently guests on the very first episode of the new music program, Studio Music Hall. During their time on the show, Kim Eana who has worked on songs like Brown Eyes Girls‘ “Abracadabra” and IU‘s “Good Day”, shared some stories from her writing career.


Among those was a story about how Chen’s lyrics had once been chosen over hers! Fans know that Chen wrote the lyrics to “Flower” from his solo debut mini-album but what they might not know is that Kim Eana had written lyrics for that song too!

While listening to that story, I just thought of something. My lyrics were rejected for this song!

— Kim Eana


She also pointed out that it’s happened exactly three times with SM Entertainment artists. The first was BoA with “Hurricane Venus”…

This is exactly the third time I’ve been rejected in favor of an SM Entertainment artist!

— Kim Eana


Then it was SHINee with “View” written by Jonghyun


And finally Chen with “Flower”!


Following up all that praise, Kim Eana couldn’t help making Chen just that little bit shyer with another piece of praise!

But the people who I got rejected (for) seem to be great songwriters!

— Kim Eana


She finally added that their lyrics weren’t chosen because they were written by SM Entertainment artists either! According to Kim Eana, SM Entertainment is completely objective when looking at songs!

There’s one thing I can tell you for sure! SM Entertainment is not lenient with their artists when it comes to writing lyrics. They don’t use lyrics just because they’re written by their singers. They’re completely objective about it!

— Kim Eana


From “Flower” to “Love Shot”, “Promise”, and “Ko Ko Bop” there’s no doubt that Chen is an amazing lyricist!