EXO’s Chen Names The SM Entertainment Vocalist He Has His Eye On

If there’s anyone he wants to cheer on, it’s them.

During a radio show appearance, the host asked EXO‘s Chen if there was an artist under SM Entertainment that he’s been keeping an eye on.


To remind him of his options, the host named various artists under the company.

Chen already had an idea of who to choose, selecting NCT 127‘s main vocalist Taeil.

If there’s one voice in SM I want to cheer on, it’s Taeil’s voice. His voice is really nice.

Although Taeil was the artist who he’d thought of first, Chen didn’t forget to acknowledge the hard work of all his juniors and how he wants them all to do well.

It’s not like I can pick one singer among the many juniors I have, but as people doing the same kind of work, I want to cheer them on.

Taeil had previously chosen Chen as the artist he would love to collaborate with musically. With Chen acknowledging the appeal of his voice, it may just be possible.