One Fan Is Promoting Chen’s Solo Album In A Very Unique Way…As A Dinosaur

It’s the perfect way promote Chen’s album!

Chenosaurus-rex…err…we mean, EXO‘s Chen has stolen hearts with his cute charms, cool dance moves, and outstanding vocals since day one and now he’s done it once again with his latest EP, “April, and a Flower”.


In celebration, EXO-Ls have been streaming his music and making sure he trends online! But there was an EXO-L in Argentina that decided to promote Chen in a very unique way!


Taking Chen’s dinosaur nickname to new levels, the EXO-L decided to promote Chen’s EP dressed as, what else, a dinosaur!


EXO-Ls first spotted her when she attended an event for Xiumin’s birthday held by EXO Universal Elements Argentina Fanclub…


And then proceeded to charm everyone with her cute dinosaur outfit…


As well as, a dancing dino display!


EXO-Ls have been getting a real kick out of her costume and think it’s an absolutely amazing way to promote Chen’s new EP!

To the girl who dressed as a dinosaur and had a poster to promote Chen, let me just say you’re a genius. It’s a shame I didn’t go to BC and witness it.


The EXO-L in question, @frohzt, also posted some more pictures and a video of her journey to the event to her Instagram page much to everyone’s delight!


Now that’s the perfect way to promote everyone’s favorite Chenosaurus!