This Pun-Tastic Noodle Declaration By EXO’s Chen Is Cracking Everyone Up

He really does love all types of “noodles”!

Sometimes puns are just too funny for words and other times they’re actually pretty sweet. While K-Pop idols have made plenty of puns in the past, EXO-Ls were just blessed with one of the sweetest and most hilarious puns out there and it was all thanks to Chen!


During the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, the members were surprised with a tantalizing offer of noodles if they successfully passed the ladder of fortune game.


As EXO-Ls know, Chen loves noodles in any form and upon hearing that he could end up with a giant bowl of the delicious noodle soup he proudly declared, “I love all kinds of noodles!”


But it’s his wording that has been making everyone crack up. After he says he loves all kinds of noodles in Korean, he once again says “I love myeon” in English.

면 pronounced as “myeon” are noodles in Korean.


After his bold declaration, the camera quickly pans to Suho. Because as every fan knows, he’s a “myeon” too! Junmyeon!


EXO-Ls have been cracking up over Chen’s punny declaration and although they know it was probably unintentional, they also know that he really does love that “myeon” too!


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