Top Lyricist JQ Praised EXO’s Chen And Named Him As The Top Idol Lyricist

He had nothing but praise for Chen:

JQ has worked on many hits including SHINee‘s “Love Should Go On”, Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy”, Shaun‘s “Way Back Home”, NCT 127‘s “Simon Says” and “Superhuman”, Produce 101 Season 2‘s “Open Up”, and EXO‘s “Power”, “Ko Ko Bop”, and “Tempo”. Additionally, he has worked as a rap instructor for several SM Entertainment artists. So any compliments coming from JQ definitely mean something.


So, when he recently appeared on MBC FM‘s Idol Radio and had some very kind words to say about EXO’s Chen, you know he meant every single word!


During his time on the program, JQ was asked which song brought in the most royalties and JQ revealed it to be “Tempo”.

‘Tempo’ is responsible for about 25% of my recent income.

— JQ


Once on the topic of EXO, JQ opened up about some other EXO related news like how happy, proud, and honored he felt when EXO performed “Power” during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

It was an absolute honor! My parents were also very proud and happy. They even wrote to me saying, ‘It’s really amazing that lyrics our son wrote were heard by people all over the world.’ It feels really amazing and I feel very proud to have touched people with the lyrics.

— JQ


But JQ also had high praise for Chen, naming him as the idol who writes the best lyrics…

Chen is able to dive into his emotions very well. The words in his heart are amazing.

— JQ


And talked about how Chen has a way with expressing what’s in his heart in a way that absolutely everyone can understand.

If words from the heart aren’t handled in quite the right way, they can lead to lyrics that most people don’t truly understand. But if someone sets themselves in the right direction, it can lead to outstanding lyrics. Chen is someone with that ability and he has extraordinary potential.

— JQ


And that’s certainly true! Chen has co-written lyrics for a variety of different types of songs and each one of them definitely speaks to the listeners. From “Ko Ko Bop” to “Promise” and “Love Shot” to “Flower”, Chen has proven he’s an amazing lyricist.

Source: Newsen