EXO’s Chen Turned Into A Nervous Fanboy When He Met His Longtime Idols

Chen turned into the cutest and shyest smol bean!

Although EXO‘s Chen radiates confident energy all the time, when he got the chance to meet and work with his longtime idols, he turned into the cutest and shyest smol bean!


In the latest episode of Chen’s Sim For You (also known as Heart 4 U), Chen introduced the show and revealed that he also had some special guests that would be taking part in his Sim For You. These guests were ones that Chen was particularly excited to meet!


The guests Chen was excited about were none other than his longtime idols, singer-songwriter power couple Jo Jung Chi and Jungin! Chen revealed that although he had proposed working with them for his busking project, he was surprised at how fast everything came together!

I’m a big fan of Jungin, so at the dinner (when he was passed the Sim For You torch) I proposed a theme. I never thought it would progress this fast! Jung Chi and Jungin are a wedded couple so I told them I would really appreciate it if they could come on the show. I’m glad I got the chance now!

— Chen


But meeting your longtime idols can be a nerve-wracking experience so when Chen got to meet them for the first time he was definitely feeling more than a little shy and even told them just how nervous he was as their fan!

I’ve been so nervous. I’m such a huge fan!

— Chen


After Jo Jung Chi lightened the mood and put Chen at ease with some teasing, Chen shared how he even studied their music with his friends before his debut!


But even with Chen’s nerves lessened, he still got a little tongue-tied when he shared just how excited he was to finally meet them!

It’s been so long since I saw you… No, it’s the first time I’m seeing you!

— Chen


And when he gave the couple a gift he had prepared along with a sweet note, well, Chen just couldn’t hide his blush!


Chen really is the cutest! To see more of Chen’s adorably shy fanboy moment, you can watch the video below: