EXO-Ls Are Feeling Soft After Finding Out Why Chen Wrote Xiumin’s Name In His Behind Video

Xiumin and Chen soft hours now open:

EXO-Ls caught EXO‘s Chen writing Xiumin‘s name during a behind-the-scenes video and thanks to a very recent fansign, everyone now knows why!


A few days ago, Chen blessed everyone with a jacket making video for his new mini-album, Dear my dear. While there were plenty of amazing, sweet, and heart-fluttering moments packed in the minute-long video, there was one moment in particular that caught everyone’s attention.


Between scenes of Chen having fun playing with an umbrella and all those scenes featuring Chen’s heart-melting smiles, he spent a little time in front of a rain splashed window. Of course, since the window was fogged up, Chen did what anyone would do and began doodling on the glass!


But eagle-eyed EXO-Ls realized he wasn’t simply doodling, he was writing and upon closer inspection, they recognized the writing as Xiumin’s name, Minseok!


As soon as they saw the clip, everyone was wondering why Chen wrote Xiumin’s name on the glass but thankfully, it didn’t take long for fans to solve the mystery! Chen just met up with fans at a fansign event where one fan simply couldn’t resist asking him about it!


Chen revealed that he had actually wanted to write a longer message to Xiumin asking if he was watching but instead simply wrote his name! Chen did, however, snap a photo of his window message and sent it to Xiumin in their group chat!

Yesterday, I saw the jacket making film and noticed Jongdae writing Minseok’s name on the window. I asked if he remembered why he wrote it. He wanted to write, ‘Are you watching Kim Minseok?‘ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He took a picture and sent it to the group chat ㅋㅋ


The sweet confession has been making fans feel incredibly soft.


With Xiumin and Chen’s soft hours now open, you can check out the video that piqued everyone’s curiosity and led to the cute message below: