Popular EXO Choreographer Shocks Fans With Staggering Salary Reveal

“I’m satisfied with my lifestyle now.”

Kasper, widely recognized as EXO‘s exclusive choreographer, has shocked fans by revealing his staggering monthly income. The details of his financial success have sent ripples through K-Pop fandoms, showcasing just how lucrative the industry can be for those who diversify their talents.

Kasper | @kasper0524/Instagram

Just a few short years ago, you might have found the name Kasper listed among a sea of hopeful trainees — a young man chasing the dream of K-Pop stardom. Today, however, his name sits at the top of a much more exclusive list, lauded as one of the most influential choreographers in the industry.

His innovative choreography for top-tier idol groups such as EXO, Stray Kids, and SHINee has been the heartbeat of numerous hit performances, earning him the reputation as Korea’s leading choreographer.

Kasper’s journey wasn’t always so glamorous. After spending seven grueling years as an idol trainee, he let go of his singing dream and steered his career toward choreography.

His initial transition was marked by meager earnings; the first paycheck he earned was a mere ₩200,000 KRW (about $156 USD). But like his signature choreography, Kasper is all about rhythm, momentum, and impeccable timing.

I gave up on my dream of being a singer and after that, the first schedule that I participated in, the pay I received was 200,000 won.

— Kasper

| @kasper0524/Instagram

Fast forward to today, Kasper is now earning a staggering ₩70.0 million KRW (about $54,700 USD) a month — 35 times more than his initial pay.

The star choreographer admits that this pay is based on how busy he is. He shares that this time of year is considered the peak period — something easy to tell by the number of idol comebacks fans have been treated to these past few weeks, with many more to come.

Based on my busy periods, I think right now is the peak period. So last month I earned around 70,000,000 won. I’m satisfied with my lifestyle now.

— Kasper

Kasper’s rise to fame wasn’t just about the money. His unique choreography has become a major component of the K-Pop landscape, setting the stage alight with his powerful yet intricate dance moves. His work is revered not just by the stars he choreographs for but by fans worldwide. In particular, his choreography for EXO — such as the enthralling routine for their latest single, “Cream Soda” — has earned him cult status among the fandom.

Recent highlights of his choreographic repertoire include SHINee’s “Hard,” KEY‘s “Killer,” VIVIZ‘s “Pull Up,” and MAVE‘s “Pandora.” Each uniquely showcases his ability to design dances that capture the essence of the song and the various characteristics of the artists performing them.

Source: Insight