EXO’s Choreographer Revealed There’s A Special Double Meaning Behind One “Love Shot” Move

The double meaning is so sweet!

Since EXO dropped their hit “Love Shot” back in December, it’s been leaving fans feeling very attacked thanks to EXO’s heavenly vocals and the super sexy dance moves. But there’s one more reason to love “Love Shot” thanks to a special double meaning behind one of the key point dance moves!


EXO’s choreographers Kasper and Mihawk, who were responsible for the moves, recently revealed the behind stories of the “Love Shot” choreography including the secret behind the “shooting” dance move.


After Mihawk talked about how the specific move looked like the letter “L,” he linked the move to EXO-Ls.


And explained how the letter “L” represents EXO-Ls! While the EXO-L meaning in the choreography is incredibly special, Mihawk also revealed that it happened rather by accident!


But it’s definitely the best kind of accident and fans are absolutely in love with the double meaning of the key point dance move. Check out what else Kasper and Mihawk had to say about it in the video below: