Rumor That EXO Will Be Holding A Concert In Turkey Is Going Insanely Viral Right Now

Many EXO-Ls are hoping this rumor turns out to be true:

EXO-Ls recently heard a rumor that EXO will be holding a concert in Turkey this year and it’s already creating quite a buzz online.


It hasn’t been very long since Turkey’s largest EXO-L fanbase, EXO Planet Turkey, revealed that EXO could be making a stop in the country at the end of August. The fanbase posted to their social media accounts that if everything went according to plans, EXO would be holding a concert on August 31.

They also reported that a company in Turkey had been in communication with SM Entertainment to negotiate the event.


Shortly after their post, the information went viral with many fans freaking out over the possibility that EXO might go to Turkey.


Then a second rumor started that EXO wouldn’t be the only group at this concert. ASTRO and GreatGuys would also be performing at this event. This sent a second wave of excitement through the fandom as many fans believed it was more likely that EXO would attend an event with other groups.


Despite the reputation that EXO Planet Turkey has, there are still many fans who don’t see this concert as a possibility at all. They believe that the other company who says they’ve been in contact with SM Entertainment is trying to scam fans. They have been warning other fans of the possible dangers.


Meanwhile, nothing has been confirmed or denied so there could still be hope for Turkish fans.