EXO conquers a new genre with every comeback

It appears that there is no genre EXO cannot master, and with each new comeback, the EXO boys show that no matter what musical territory the group tread into, their talents will conquer it all.

From their debut in 2012 until now, each EXO comeback has focussed on a different genre.

Mama – Symphonic Rock

EXO’s “Mama” features heavy symphonic rock elements, with operatic backing vocals and powerful chords. Their debut song showed these men mean business. 

Wolf – Dubstep

“Wolf”, from their first full album XOXO takes a step away from the symphonic sounds of “Mama”, and instead uses heavy dubstep elements to create this masterpiece. 

Overdose – Hip Hop

“Overdose” Hip-Hop track is completely different in style to some of their previous tracks, it still maintains EXO’s signature sound.

Call Me Baby – Oldschool Pop

Having already released many hits featuring aspects of the very modern EDM, but EXO’s Call Me Baby proved they can pull off something a bit more vintage.

This old-school pop song is reminiscent of many of K-Pop’s early hits and is just as good as even the best of them.

Monster – Pop

EXO’s 2016 single “Monster” went for a direct K-Pop sound and is yet more proof that no matter what genre they try, it’s bound to be great.


Ko Ko Bop – Reggae 

EXO’s most recent release goes down a fresh path, and borrows aspects from Reggae and combined it with elements from Trap to create this unique blend of genres.