EXO Created Their Own Unofficial Subunit During Their Concert And Essentially Became…EXO

They kept adding members!

With two official EXO units already debuted, EXO decided to have a little fun during their latest EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert and create their own unit…only it essentially became just EXO!


During the concert, EXO got into a conversation about their units when Chanyeol suddenly offered Chen a spot in his and Sehun‘s new unit.


— Chanyeol


There was just one problem, Baekhyun was not letting Chanyeol take him away from CBX!

Yah! But you’re in CBX…

— Baekhyun


But Chanyeol had the perfect solution. Instead of simply stealing Chen from CBX he offered Baekhyun a spot in the unit too and Sehun also gave it the stamp of approval! Which now meant the unit had four members of EXO.

How about EXO-CBSC?

— Chanyeol


The unit, however, was not done growing yet though! Not wanting to get left out of the unit, Kai proposed his own version of the unit, EXO-CBKSC! Now the unit had 5 of the 9 total members of EXO in it!

What about EXO-CBKSC?

— Kai


With Suho the only one left out of the quickly forming unit, Chanyeol went to comfort him while Baekhyun stepped in and announced that he could get his own solo unit, EXO-S!

EXO-S for solo!

— Baekhyun


With 5 members forming their own “unit,” EXO-Ls can’t help cracking up over the whole situation and pointing out that at the rate their adding members, pretty soon they will simply be EXO!


EXO subunit? Sounds amazing to us!