EXO D.O.’s High School Teacher Reveals A Touching Story And Melts Fans’ Hearts

What a sweetheart!

An online community board recently revealed a post made by EXO D.O.’s high school teacher and gained much attention.

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What looked to be a high school interview, D.O.’s teacher revealed a heartwarming story about him during school.

The last high school I worked at was a high school in Siheung and a lot of fun and happy things happened there. I think I received and gave the most love during my time there.

Today I want to tell you an episode about the first time I started teaching. I want to share this story because EXO’s D.O. was in my class. Yes it’s true. I’m sharing this because I want to brag about it.

They revealed that they were thankful to him for checking in on them and greeting them every day.

When I go to the class room it is very awkward. It was Kyungsoo that first came up to me. He would always greet me kindly and tell me how much he loved to sing every day. You don’t know how thankful I was for that. At that time, I was holding an open class and it ended successfully because he came to the front and held a great presentation.

They also revealed that D.O. once sang for them, creating a memory that they will never forget.

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Kyungsoo had won the grand prize for an audition created by large agencies and as a joke I asked him to sing a serenade on the last day of class. But on the last day, he really knocked on my door and came in shyly. He took out a piece of paper with lyrics written on it from his pocket and began singing “Love…That Guy” by Bobby Kim. And he did this while holding my hand! I can never forget that day. Tears welled up a bit as it was his last day as my student.

Fans who read this couldn’t help but fall for his charms once again.

  • “Why am I nervous reading this?”
  • “How can we not love Kyungsoo?”
  • “He is so sweet.”
  • “Words can’t express him..is he an angel?”
  • “How can someone be like this…he is so sweet.”
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