Here’s Everything EXO’s D.O. Has Been Doing Since His Military Discharge

D.O. has only been discharged for a few days, and he’s already busy at work for fans!

While EXO‘s D.O. just recently got discharged from the military, it seems that he’s already quite busy!

EXO’s D.O.

D.O. recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his discharge from the military. During the live broadcast, an EXO-L (EXO’s fandom) asked him about his current plans.

D.O. shared that he’s been shooting for the movie The Moon.

While D.O. cannot talk much about the film, he shared that EXO-Ls can look forward to it!

D.O. also shared that there were many things he wanted to do when he was in the military but was unable to do due to his busy schedule. One of the things D.O. wanted to try was playing the guitar.

Now that D.O. is discharged and has more time, he’s been taking guitar lessons.

D.O. also shared that he plans on working on some music that he’s always wanted to try and that he’ll introduce it to EXO-Ls soon.

It looks like EXO-Ls can look forward to a lot of D.O. content in the future!

EXO’s D.O.
Source: Naver Live