EXO’s D.O. Is The Sweetest On EXO’s “Ladder” As He Constantly Takes Care Of Staff Members

D.O. has a heart of gold~

EXO‘s D.O. is famous for his charming vocals and skillful acting, but what really makes him so lovable is his generous and compassionate heart. Ever since the earlier years of his career, his kindness shone through his words and actions for others.

This caring side of him was revealed to the world again in Season 3 of EXO’s Ladder, when D.O. diligently looked after the staff. After trying the pork belly Kai had cooked, the taste was so good D.O. had to share it with everyone around him. He didn’t hesitate to wander around, bringing the food to the staff placed all around the house. He also made sure to feed Suho who was busy cleaning the anchovies.

Even in season 2 D.O. constantly took care of the staff, reminding them to eat and sharing his own food with them. He was so consistent in his actions that the editors even compiled all the times D.O. showed concern towards the staff’s eating habits, making sure from Day 1 that they were not neglecting their health for filming. He also asked to use the remaining pocket money EXO had so he could treat all the staff who were working hard for the show.

From these small glimpses into D.O.’s kindness towards those around him, it’s no wonder why D.O. is beloved by staff no matter what he’s filming or who he’s filming with. The way he treats all staff members like family and cares for them deeply makes them care for him in the same way.


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♬ Don’t fight the feeling – EXO

Get well soon D.O.!