EXO D.O.’s Acting Career is Set for 2019, Here’s Why…

He’s so talented!

A News Media asked 25 Drama producers and executives to choose an actor that will shine in 2019. To no surprise to EXO-L, D.O. made the top of the list.

D.O. proved his power as an actor in 2018 by starring on tvN 100 Days My Prince, which became the 4th most watched drama in tvN history.

He also had huge success in movies with Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days and Swing Kids. Both movies sold over million tickets in the first week it was opened and reach #1 at the box office.

Many executives chose D.O.’s acting skills as the reason for their votes.

“He is amazing as an idol, but he also has firm acting abilities. He has been accepted as an actor without the ‘idol’ title.”

“He has great future as an actor with his deep eyes and sincere voice. With so many hits in 2018, I look forward to see more of him as an actor in 2019.”

D.O. started 2019 with his first voice-over role in the animated film Underdog. It is great to see him being acknowledged for his skills!

Source: News1 Korea