EXO’s “ElyXiOn Live” Album Was Taking Down Minutes After Being Uploaded, Causing Confusion

It won’t suffer the same fate as the “Ooh La La La” dance practice, however!

Fans have been anticipating the release of EXO‘s “ElyXiOn Live” album and thought they were finally lucky enough to get to enjoy it, but in one fell swoop, the album was taken down.


On January 27, many fans found they suddenly had access to the “ElyXiOn” album and could stream it through online streaming services. Shortly afterward, fans started tweeting out to their fellow EXO-Ls to alert them that the album was now available.


When some fans went to stream it, however, they found a problem. The album was either listed as being unavailable…


Or wouldn’t show up at all!


Fans were concerned with the sudden takedown of the album, especially since a few months back EXO’s “Ooh La La La” dance practice was uploaded to YouTube but within a day it had already been deleted. Many EXO-Ls were concerned that the same thing was happening with the album.


It turns out, however, that the album was simply leaked a few days too early. SM Entertainment had originally planned for the “ElyXiOn Live” album to be available on January 30th and those plans are still in place. So although the album has been taken down, it’s only a matter of time before it’s back up for EXO-Ls to enjoy!