Here’s How EXO And EXO-Ls Are Celebrating Their 7 Year Anniversary

7 amazing years with EXO and counting:

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 7 year’s since the kings of K-Pop made their official debut but April 8, 2019 marks their 7 year debut anniversary. Now, EXO and EXO-Ls are celebrating the major milestone in a number of amazing ways!


All 9 members of EXO celebrated by sending EXO-Ls special messages.  Posting on Twitter, they each posted the song they wanted to listen to with fans…

“‘Don’t Go’ is a song that a lot of fans like and the song always reminds me of EXO-L.” — Xiumin

“Because the word beautiful fits EXO-L the best, I want to listen to ‘Beautiful’ with you!” — Suho

“‘Call Me Baby’ is a song that allowed EXO to try new things and showcase our mature sides. Both the song and music video are cool, so I want to listen to it together with EXO-L!” — Lay


Along with a sweet message and explanation for their choice.

“It reminds me of how adorabel EXO-L were, holding their hearts while watching us dance to the chorus. I am so thankful you waited for us and it makes me think I can always continue performing happily. In the future, I want to show even more amazing and diverse performances that will make EXO-L clutch their hearts again!” — Baekhyun

“‘Heaven’ is the most fitting song for EXO-L who have always given EXO all their love and support. You always make us happy!” — Chen

“‘What Is Love” is the most memorable song and it’s the first song of ours that EXO-Ls were introduced to!” — Chanyeol


Each one of their choices put a huge smile on fans’ faces and EXO-Ls were more than happy to share the special moment with their favorite group.

“EXO’s debut song. The song that allowed EXO to meet all our fans.” — D.O.

“Lucky number 7 fits with our 7th anniversary! And because I was lucky enough to be able to meet EXO-L, I want to listen to the fun song ‘Lucky’ with you!” — Kai

“A song from our first studio album, I want to briefly go back to the past and reminisce together about that time.” — Sehun


EXO weren’t the only ones sending out love, fans returned it in kind! Shortly after midnight on April 8 in Korea, EXO-L took to Twitter and quickly took it over trending #7YearsWithEXO, #7ogetherWithEXO, and #EXO7thAnnivesary on the worldwide trend list.


Fans began sharing some of their favorite memories…


While showing plenty of love, gratitude, support, and appreciation for them too!


It’s been 7 wonderful years with EXO, and we’re all looking forward to many, many more amazing years with them!