EXO-Ls Are Calling Out Fansites For Rude Behavior During EXO’s Performances

Fans came with receipts of them pushing, arguing, and having banned cameras.

Every year, fans get to make new memories with their idols at SMTOWN‘s concert and this year’s concert in Santiago, Chile was no different. Fans from all of SM Entertainment‘s fandoms got to experience a concert with their faves and see even more interactions between their artists. But for some, their memories are slightly tainted by the rude behavior of some fansites.


Many fans have recently taken to Twitter to express their unhappiness over some people’s behavior during EXO’s performances. According to many who attended the event, there were some fansites who went to any extreme to see their biases. From standing up throughout the concert…


To getting into arguments with other fans…


And even pushing those around them so they could get the perfect shot.


Those who have been raising the complaints against the fansites have also come with receipts to show that their behavior really was a problem for the fans around them.


Although the event is over, these fans just want to let everyone know that they are not okay with this behavior and hope that calling them out will help keep situations like this from happening in the future.