EXO-Ls Discovered A Flaw In EXO’s New Lightstick But Are Absolutely Loving It

They’re using the problem to transform their Eribongs into pieces of art:

The third version of EXO‘s lightstick recently dropped and although it’s received mixed reactions due to some packaging problems and the fact that Lay is missing from the included EXO sticker set, there is one flaw that EXO-Ls are completely in love with.


The newest Eribong is definitely different from its previous incarnations with it’s upgraded 3D look, added settings, and extremely luminous light.


But there’s one more difference between the older lightsticks and the newer ones, the fact that the front cover can easily come off!


Although there is a flaw in the lightsticks design, EXO-Ls have actually been loving it! In fact, EXO-Ls have been putting it to good use and using the opportunity to customize their lightsticks in amazing ways. Some fans have opted to deck their new Eribongs out with more EXO goodness…

While others have opted for a sweet flowered look!


And at least one fan has upgraded their lightstick with some pretty glitter!


With so many amazing opportunities for customization, no wonder EXO-Ls have been seriously loving this flaw!