Chilean News Outlet Receives Major Backlash After Falsely Reporting That EXO Is Disbanding

They didn’t even use a photo of the group.

EXO, along with their SM Entertainment family, have recently stopped in Santiago, Chile for this year’s SMTOWN concert. While fans have been extremely excited about the concert and all the content it will bring, they weren’t so excited about a recent post made by a Chilean news site that announced EXO’s disbandment.


While the news site was originally writing about the cancellation of the press conference event which was already upsetting enough to fans as it was…

SM Entertainment Cancel Press Conference In Chile Due To Safety Concerns


They decided to add in misleading information, claiming that EXO would be disbanding this year. Saying that their sources informed them that EXO’s participation in the Chile concert would be their last show together and further claiming that the group had decided to disband a while ago, fans weren’t impressed by the report.

The site also stated that the group’s fifth world tour was being canceled.


Furthermore, the news also made it onto television.


EXO-Ls immediately responded to the article and called the site out for misreporting information and for scaring fans without any real proof or confirmation while also pointing out the picture they used in the article only featured Lay.

This is unprofessional. EXO is not going to separate.


They are not separating and that photo is of Yixing from a program in China.


What kind of professional article is this? At least investigate well. Are you trying to sell lies? To start those in the photo are not EXO (just Lay) and it’s ridiculous to say EXO is disbanding.


While many fans are convinced that they were confused by Xiumin’s likely upcoming military enlistment and Lay’s solo activities in China, they have been asking the that the site changes their information or completely delete the post.

Anyone know how to send this to SM? This information is false and harmful for the boys.


Currently, the article has not been altered but fans are hoping that SM Entertainment will make a statement about the misinformation.