EXO Fan Community Accused of Sharing Illegal Voting Instructions Released a Statement

They share their side of the story…

As the illegal voting drama continues after the 33rd Golden Disk Awards, the accused EXO fan community released a statement to share their side of the story.

On January 6th, the EXO fan community posted an official statement responding to the accusation. The community first apologized for sharing instructions to create infinite user IDs illegally and admit it was a wrong decision. While regretting the encouragement to utilize the method, they claimed the reason for sharing such method was because similar instances have happened previously to create infinite user IDs for prior award ceremonies among Fandoms.

The statement continued with photos to prove other methods being used to generate votes for other nominees. It showed one of the EXO-L’s phone numbers being used without permission. According to the photos, an EXO-L created a new user ID on December 31 but saw her phone number was active since December 11 without her knowledge. They claimed this method was different from the one they shared and more difficult to detect as fraudulent activity.

The community also added the instructions were shared at 8 PM on December 31, with only 4 hours left of the voting. They wanted to clear up the accusations of the illegal votes affecting the rankings since it was shared after EXO reached the 1st place. They assured no personal information was stolen to create user IDs according to Golden Disk Awards and U+, and offered legal help for those who were wrongfully accused of identity theft through ‘Protect EXO-L’.

The statement ended with apologies to EXO-Ls who had to endure stress by this matter.


Source: Twitter