This EXO Fan Nearly Left In Tears, Until Lay Saved The Day

EXO‘s Lay recent interaction with a fan show how caring and considerate Lay is even when he’s busy.

A video that surfaced recently showed EXO’s Lay waving goodbye to his fans while leaving. While he was leaving, he suddenly stopped because he heard a fan call his name. Lay returned back to the fan and called her that he had returned.

The fan couldn’t believe her eyes and thanked Lay with a bright smile. The fan wanted to take a photo with Lay and was very moved by the fact that Lay had returned for her. Lay took three photos and he also looked happy to have made one of his fans happy.

Lay is known not only as one of the most powerful singers and dancers in EXO, but also how compassionate and humble he is towards fans.

Check out Lay’s thoughtful gesture to a fan in the video below!